Serva Control TowerIntegrated in One Software

Your central tool for controlling and monitoring an intelligent network of hardware and software components.

The Serva Control Tower (SCT) supports companies in organising and controlling their highly complex intralogistics. With artificial intelligence, big-data analysis and maximum flexibility, SCT intralogistics software enables efficient implementation of Industry 4.0 for all factories and production sites.

Modular production management with the Internet of Things

No more rigid production processes. SCT enables a modular production environment that largely controls, checks and optimises itself without human intervention. The "Internet of Things" enables all networked devices (e.g. EVE, FTF, robots, conveyor belts) to communicate with each other.

A tower at the airport monitors remotely controlled and independent aircrafts. The Serva Control Tower also offers an overview of the entire intralogistics system.And this combination of centralised knowledge and decentralised intelligence of this stand-alone machine is the basis for the continuous improvement process of the value chain. SCT makes it possible to intervene at any time and to adapt the processes and direct them down the best paths.

Advantages of the Serva Control Tower

  • Maximum optimisation of order distribution via artificial intelligence. The Serva fleet management is the core of the Serva Control Tower and takes over operational control and commissioning of the FTF fleet.
  • The optimum order sequence (neural networks) is determined based on algorithms and the intralogistic processes are optimised to the max. Faster throughput times enable a more efficient supply chain and higher efficiency.

  • Manufacturer-independent. The SCT communicates seamlessly with Serva's own products (e.g. EVE) as well as with third party FTFs.

  • Interface between customer software (stand-alone machine, PLC, SAP ME (MHP), ERP) and hardware (FTF, robots, conveyor belts)

  • Automatic warehouse management. Storage and retrieval orders can be accepted from a higher-level system or created manually. The SCT manages and optimises the storage space and distributes the collection orders to fleet management.

  • Flexible and individually configurable for any production architecture.

  • Continuous status monitoring via RFID chips and ERP/EWM comparison. Optimised route planning based on orders and vehicle states.

  • Can be manually remote controlled. You can view all orders and any faults via a tablet and intervene manually.