Serva Transport Systems GmbH, based in the town of Grabenstätt in Bavaria, develops and markets automated parking and transport systems using automated guided vehicle (AGV ). With the innovative, simple, and efficient parking system RAY™ and the transport robots EVE and EVEindoor, industry, airports, car park operators, car rental companies or city planners receive a brand new solution for the transport and parking of vehicles and materials. The driverless transport systems are assembled at Gut Sossau in Grabenstätt. Investor is the family-owned company Meltl.

Business segments:

Automated parking systems for

  • Airports
  • Car rental companies
  • Public parking
  • Car sharing
  • Office and residential buildings
  • Vintage-car storage
  • Secure car parks
  • Special solutions (impound lots etc. )

Automated car transport, consignment and temporary storage for

  • Auto mobile manufacturers
  • Finished vehicle logistics
  • Harbours
  • Car dealers
  • Museums Transport robots for
  • Intralogistics from goods received to assembly
  • Use as an alternative to tugger trains and forklifts

Managing partners :

  • Ing. (FH) Rupert Koch, born 1979 – studied production and automation technology in Regensburg
  • Ing. (FH) Leopold Meirer, born 1979 – studied engineering in Munich

Important dates:


  • The Serva Transport System GmbH is being founded by Cary Bellaflor, Rupert Koch and Leopold Meirer in Bavaria. Investor is the Chiemgau, Bavaria based family-owned company Meltl 2011
  • Serva Transport Systems GmbH develop s and builds the firs t prototype of the driverless transport system RAY™.


  • Serva Transport Systems GmbH’s first pilot project with RAY™ at Dusseldorf Airport is successful.


  • The automated parking system RAY™ by Serva Transport Systems GmbH is ready for serial production.
  • Serva Transport System GmbH reaches the final of the prestigious German Founder Award. As one of only three finalists, Serva Transport Systems GmbH is being accompanied for two years by Professor Klaus Fischer, owner of the group of companies Fischer (Fischer Dübel, In addition, Serva Transport Systems GmbH receives coaching from Porsche Consulting.


  • Serva Transport Systems GmbH’s idea also convinces German chancellor Angela Merkel at the 2014 Hannover Trade Fair.
  • Managing partner and founder Cary Bellaflor leaves the company management to establish an American sales organisation for Serva Transport Systems GmbH.
  • The patented robots named RAY™ are going into serial production.
  • The first automated park ing system RAY™ launches at Dusseldorf airport in June 2014.


  • At the Munich 2015 BAU Trade Fair Volkswagen and Serva Transport Systems GmbH announce a co-operation. Together, the two companies have developed a technology where Volkswagen vehicles communicate directly with RAY™ when parking. Thus, security queries which previously needed to be processed via a check-in terminal could now be cleared directly via Bluetooth between car and robot. Parking will become even more comfortable for the driver. In the future, Volkswagen cars should be equipped as standard with the new technology. Additional conceivable features include communication between navigation system and park system as soon as approaching a car park.
  • At the process house of the Ingolstadt Audi plant, RAY™ assumes the temporary storage of the Q5, A4 and A3 models. Vehicles intended for rail dispatch are transported by RAY™ to a temporary storage station following production. From here on RAY handles the vehicles. They are transported by the fully automated park robot and stored temporarily. A first conclusion is that waiting times and walk ways for logistics staff are significantly reduced.


  • At the LogiMAT exhibition in Stuttgart Serva Transport Systems GmbH introduces their newly developed transport robots EVE and EVEindoor, the autonomous and ergonomic intralogistics total solution. EVE stands for Efficient – Variable and Ergonomic and is a genuine alternative to forklifts and tugger trains. As an autonomous transport vehicle setup with the appropriate software, EVE ensures a perfect flow of information and materials. Quick, secure and efficient EVE links all processes from delivery to belt. EVE is versatile, flexible and can be used both indoors and outdoors. EVE can navigate independently, choosing the optimal route and can move Euro pallets, pallet cages and stock trolleys up to 1 ton depending on material requirements and existing resources.
  • Serva Transport Systems GmbH and its partner Lumod GmbH from Bavaria won the prestigious iF Design Award. The parking robot RAY™ was nominated for the 2016 iF Design Award in the product design category. For more than 60 years this award has been a worldwide recognised trademark for distinguished creations and is one of the most important design awards in the world.


25 employees of which 15 in Development

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