Deutscher Gründerpreis 2013

Serva Transport Systems GmbH has been nominated as one of three finalists for the German Founders Award (Deutscher Gründer Preis), the most prestigious award for outstanding entrepreneurs in Germany. A jury made up of 300 experts from Sparkassen, Porsche and ZDF, as well as the sponsors of this year's award, nominated us for our „real innovation“ in the StartUp category. The StartUp category is considers the best idea and the greatest market potential from a company operating for one to three years.

Unparalleled in every category. The German Entrepreneur Award is the country’s most prestigious acknowledgement of entrepreneurial excellence and achievement. Initiated in 2002 by the four partner organisations Stern magazine, ZDF, Sparkassen and Porsche, the German Entrepreneur Award is now firmly established as Germany’s most respected accolade for business success. The aim of the initiators is to foster a positive entrepreneurial environment in Germany and encourage people to go into business. The award is presented to entrepreneurs who have excelled at starting up new businesses and creating new and sustainable business ideas. 
The German Entrepreneur Award is conferred annually in four categories for Startups, Rising Stars, Lifetime Achievement and Students. There is also a Special Award for exceptional entrepreneurial achievement. 300 experts from the field of business startups and 25 well known entrepreneurial personalities from Germany dedicate their time to the German Entrepreneur Award. Numerous other sponsors support the award to help foster a spirit of enterprise and endeavour in young people, including the Federal Ministry for the Economy and Energy (BMWi).