Key Benefits



RAY™ enables the separation of drop-off and parking areas for cars. At an airport, for example, passengers can park right at the terminal building and RAY™ takes the cars to a more cost effective location within the vicinity of the terminal. This can be several kilometers away where land value are less costly than near the terminal.

Place the comfortable transfer station of RAY™ right near your entrance area and allow your customers short walking distances. Parking is performed by RAY™ for your customers. Create additional capacity in the most expensive areas of your building and recover additional space for retail facilities, housing, or other structures.

New traffic concepts are doable through close proximity of the vehicle transfer station to the destination of your customer. Integrate the drop off area into your service concept and create a clear added value for your customers.

Key features:

  • Parking closely to the destination
  • Avoidance of park traffic
  • Safe and short walks


RAY™ uses principles from material logistics and deposits vehicles with maximum efficiency. RAY™ sorts vehicles by size, expected retrieval time and in a multi-depth, lateral arrangement (stacks). Supplemented by the closer proximity parking and removal of the door opening space, up to 60% more vehicles can be accommodated as compared to conventional parking configurations.

In contrast to other automated parking systems, RAY™ recognizes the size (length and width) of the vehicle to be parked, selects the corresponding most economical parking space, and eliminates idle spaces. Including the comfortable transfer stations, RAY™ needs up to 15 square meters less area per parking space than traditional parking – without compromising the comfort of the customers. RAY™ is so flexible that it can rotate on the spot and thus requires minimal room to maneuver. Strategically selected maneuvering spaces ensures the efficiency of the system, without unnecessary loss of space.

Key features:

  • Reduced footprint of up to 60%
  • Savings in energy, lighting and other infrastructure


Parking in public parking structures is not pleasurable. Outdated parking garages and increasing space requirements within the car parks due to higher utilization and larger cars makes parking a real challenge in urban areas for many drivers. With RAY™, you can offer a unique service that makes it easy and convenient to park. Just like parking in one’s own personal garage.

The comfortable transfer station of RAY™ allows for driving straight into
a broad, brightly lit environment as opposed to a typical cramped, dark garage. Customers can easily enter and exit the car without the risk of damaging their cars or others. All doors can be fully opened and the vehicle loaded and unloaded easily. Whether for SUV or minicars, the comfortable transfer station makes every parking maneuver easy as well as handicapped accessible.

Key features:

  • Spacious transfer stations
  • Comfortable entry and exit
  • Always a free space


Unlike other automated parking systems, RAY™ is independent of rails or other fixed building structures. This makes it very flexible. The integration of RAY™ usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks, as the installation project does not require concrete work and the system (robot and comfortable transfer stations) is delivered fully assembled. Do you need to relocate? No problem, RAY™ grows
with your needs, and if necessary he simply moves to a new building with you.

RAY™ is designed so that it can be effectively implemented at a minimum of just 70 spaces. The advantages are particularly evident when reaching 200 or more
parking spaces. At this number,opportunities to eliminate more unused space increases.

The management of RAY™ through our innovative material flow software can be customized to fit the needs of your customers. Integration with existing payment and reservation systems is part of the installation project and can be taken over by Serva. The RAY™ App for registration and collection of vehicles is supplied as a white label and adapted to the specific requirements of your parking process. Whether access to flight and baggage data, time recording systems, hotel check-out, rental process, etc., the RAY™ App can be specifically aligned to the needs of your customers. Alternatively, the booking / management can be integrated into an existing app.

Key features:

  • Short installation times (2-4 weeks)
  • Interfaces such as our Customer service oriented design or mobile app designed for quick and easy interaction
  • Ready for operation 6 months after order
  • Adjusts easily to different circumstances