EVE - the intelligent logistics robot

Efficient – variable – ergonomic... or EVE for short. That's what we call our automated guided vehicles (AGV) that's designed for all processes from the receipt of goods to assembly – the fully automated alternative to the tugger train and fork lift in internal logistics.


  • Models for indoor and outdoor use
  • Use of existing routes with free navigation
  • Allows integration of existing structure with little or no reconstruction work
  • Allows layout changes
  • Transports various goods
  • Integration of variable additional functionalities
  • Automatically reads barcodes, checks weight or volume' and double-checks the results with your order data


  • EVE and our Ergoporter deliver the material to the staff at working height
  • On the assembly line or at the assembly site, material placement at working height is optional


  • Replaces tugger train and fork lift
  • Allows multi-shift operation
  • High-transparency through interface to ERP-system
  • Savings in non-value creating work


Meet EVEoutdoor

EVEoutdoor navigates freely and can operate indoors and outdoors.

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Meet EVEindoor

The “little sister” does the same – for indoor operation only.

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EVE and our Ergoporter deliver material to the staff at working height.

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Serva Control Tower

The backend is integrated into one software connected to your ERP.

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